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Unlike many existing retailers, we want to offer exclusively a selection of brands which share our values in sustainability and environmental innovation.

Our E-commerce site aims to be a platform that will provide a selection of garments  exclusively from brands which have a strong foothold in environmental production and ethical manufacturing practices. By creating a central retail site it will allow customers to easily navigate through a catalog of garments and discover new brands which all share similar standards and values.

We are not a large corporate business startup, but a small group of individuals who want to make purchasing sustainable gear simpler.

SALTYSNOW aims to establish partnership with the following brands.

Working with Brands.

Our Criteria.

Clear criteria is essential to correctly sourcing the right brands. Our primary focus is to have brands which have the intentions and actions that support a steady move towards more sustainable gear manufacturing. Our *assessments are purely comparative to competitors within the industry. We are just selecting brands which we think are rad and hope our customers will think so too.

*Assessments on selected criteria


Products made with natural fibres and materials when possible.

Durable Materials

Less is more. We want gear that will endure through the seasons.

Environmental Impact

Innovative solutions to shift away from harmful manufacturing practices in the long run.

Gear we would use

Supply gear which we use for our own climbs and surf sessions.

Fair Labour

Safeguarding employees with a fair wage, working hours and a safe working environment.

A simple, powerful, SEO E-commerce site

Marketing and SEO

Being an online retailer means the use of search engine optimisation and targeted ad campaign are crucial for the sites visibility. Both members in the team involved in web development have great fluency with the use of digital marketing and site optimisation tools to ensure potential customers see we exist.

Focus on User Experience

Just like a brick and mortar store, our e-commerce store needs to show off our brands while focusing on the sites functionality, simplicity of use, clean code and design to ensure a refined shopping experience. Refer to sites basic structure and design preview (Right).

Customer service & Community

Direct customer contact is essential. Being a small team, our work cycle is simplified; order stock, photograph it, pack and dispatch. We are here to deal with customer enquiries, feedback and provide them with a personal service ensuring they get a reliable and simplified shopping experience.

Forecasting visibility using development tools for getting relevant traffic


Potential customers from Community and SEO Branching


Potential customers from Targeted Ad's


Potential customers from Organic Searches


Targeted Geographical Reach GBR/IRL/FRA/NLD/BEL

Our passion for the outdoors naturally comes with a responsibility to protect it. Involvement towards creating a more conscious and sustainable culture will contribute to a shift in consumers awareness to where and how their products are being produced.

Ewan Benoit Project Manager

Sites Purpose.

This is a introductory site used to communicate our project ideas to outreach and brands.

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